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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for adults over 18. In collaboration we work together to identify specific goals to work towards that may include:

  • Support in your grief or experience of loss

  • Help you with anxiety and/or depression

  • Find healthy ways to cope with stress, burnout, overwhelm, compassion fatigue

  • Learn mindfulness meditation and compassion practices as forms of healing

  • Assist you in addressing eco anxiety, grief or emotions related to climate change or other existential concerns

  • Examine questions of meaning and purpose

  • Support you with the loss of your pet or animal companion


Now also offering EMDR online-please contact for more information or to book a consultation.

For those interested in Eco therapy or Nature-Based approaches these can:

  • Provide another source of healing through connection to nature

  • Deepen your own connection to nature

  • Investigate your own purpose and meaning in relation to Earth


All of the approaches I use are evidence-based and  research links and summaries on these are provided through my blog posts.

Climate Aware Therapy

Climate aware therapy supports you in expressing emotions and feelings related to climate change such as anxiety, grief, anger and frustration (among many more). It can also provide you with a space to process these emotions as well as to learn ways to create and build emotional resiliency.

As a member and provincial coordinator with the Climate Psychology Alliance, I not only provide climate aware therapy for individuals, but can also connect with, educate and support other therapists and organizations who would like to learn more about the effects of climate change on mental health.

For more information and to book a presentation or webinar, please email me at

You can also check out the website for Climate Psychology Alliance here:

For the full Directory of climate aware therapists in North America, including Canada, you can access it here:

Bridge over a River


Planning in progress. If you have any suggestions for groups you'd like to see offered, please contact me. Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation practices, climate cafes, managing anxiety and more are all potential theme

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