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Please also see blog entries for more detailed information about the clinical approaches I use and for information about specific topics related to mental health, connections between philosophy and psychotherapy and ecotherapy and nature-based therapies.


How long is each session?

Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length, and extended sessions are also available for 75 minutes. Free 15 minute consultations are available as well to see if we are a good fit for therapy.

How often do we meet and for how long?

We can meet weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your schedule and on what issues you would like to work on. Length of treatment can vary from 10-12 sessions or longer. 

How do I pay and what are your cancellation policies?

Payments accepted include e-transfers or credit card. Payment is due by the beginning of each session and 24 hours notice is required to avoid payment for a cancelled appointment.

Is what we talk about confidential?

Everything we discuss is kept confidential according to relevant laws and files are stored electronically on Canadian servers. Limits to confidentiality include risk of harm to self or others and child or elder abuse, which must be reported by law.

What is Climate-Aware Therapy?

Climate aware therapy supports you in expressing emotions and feelings related to climate change such as anxiety, grief, anger and frustration (among many more). It can also provide you with a space to process these emotions as well as to learn ways to create and build emotional resiliency.

As a member and provincial coordinator with the Climate Psychology Alliance, I not only provide climate aware therapy for individuals, but can also connect with, educate and support other therapists and organizations who would like to learn more about the effects of climate change on mental health.

For more information and to book a presentation or webinar, please email me at

You can also check out the website for Climate Psychology Alliance here:

For the full Directory of climate aware therapists in North America, including Canada, you can access it here:

Do you see children or adolescents?

I do not see children or families. Adults of all ages over 18 are welcome. Couple and group therapy will be offered soon in addition to individual therapy.

What are mindful, compassionate and nature-based approaches to therapy?

Nature-based therapies, or eco therapy, is based on the idea that nature can provide benefits to the therapeutic experience in a number of ways and these can be experienced through what some call 'walk and talk' therapy either in person or by phone. Mindful and compassionate approaches to therapy are based on evidence to support the mental and emotional benefits of mindfulness meditation practices that can include compassion and self-compassion practices. I work to include these in therapy to provide a safe and calm environment for each client to experience as they work on whatever issues they choose to focus on. You can read more about these approaches on my blog page.

What are your fees?

My fees are consistent with CRPO guidelines and other psychotherapy professionals in the area, and are based on single sessions (50 minutes for $145 plus HST), extended sessions (75 minutes for $200 plus HST) and individual,  or group rates. Fee details are provided in the initial consultation and if you open the scheduling program. Please ask about sliding scale fees if this is something that would be of benefit to you.

Can I claim fees through insurance?

Please check with your health benefits policy to see if you are covered for psychotherapy services, as plans sometimes differ. You can also check for limits to your coverage and if there are specific conditions attached to your coverage. You can often find your specific mental health services coverage under 'paramedical' costs.

What is a Nature Prescription?

Nature prescriptions are provided as part of therapy to those who are interested in deepening their relationship with nature and experiencing the mental and physical health benefits of spending time in nature. This is a program that runs in conjunction with Parks Canada and includes a free Parks Canada Discovery Pass for the client. For more information you can go here:

What are climate contributions through Stripe?

0.5% of revenue from Thomas Counselling (when using Stripe to process credit card payments) is donated to fund carbon removal technologies. You can read more about this here:

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